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The breath of the forest taught today is called the Hummingbird Blow.

The Portuguese name for the Hummingbird is Beija-Flor which translates to kiss-flower or the flower kisser. Beautiful hey.

The Hummingbird Power Animal, Spirit and Totem

The Hummingbird is a Power Animal, Spirit and Totem of the American Continent and many cultures are enchanted by this fast moving, brightly coloured bird which feeds on the nectar the queen of the forest leaves on flowers in bloom.

The Hummingbird is revered as a spirit messenger as it has the ability to fly in all directions and stand still in the air symbolising the ability to traverse between the lowest planes to the highest dimensions and stop still at will at any point.

Amazingly, the Hummingbird is only active during the day. At night it's heart almost stops and it enters an almost comatose supspened state. When the sunshine returns in the morning the Hummingbird is "reborn" and hence the Hummingbird being the symbol of rebirth for the Andes people.

Hummingbird Legend of the Taino People

A legend of the Taino people of Puerto Rico says that in the past there was a very passionate young couple. Each belonged to a rival tribe and could not be together due to pressure from the family, friends and the customs of the time. To escape the problem they begged the great spirit to help them, thus transforming one into a hummingbird and the other into a beautiful red flower so both could shine their love bringing abundance and beauty to the entire forest.

How to Blow Rapé Snuff with the Hummingbird Breath

Blow Rapé Snuff - The Beija-Flor Hummingbird Breath

I have been shown two different methods on how to blow rapé with the Hummingbird Breath. Both methods can be used by self application through Kuripe Pipe or even better, by serving others through a Tepi Pipe.

Imagine a Hummingbird. It is a very small but powerful bird. To fly and hover so fast it must have very powerful shoulders. The rapé blows illustrated below are fast but gentle and mimic the Hummingbird in flight and touching the flower to sip the nectar with its beak.

Katukina Hummingbird Rapé Snuff Blow

The first method was shown to me by my teacher and is most likely Katukina by descent. This method simulates the fast beating wings of the Hummingbird.

To blow this breath load your pipe with rapé, take a deep breath, hold your intention, place pipe into the nostril and blow out fast and sharp whilst vibrating your tongue with a staccato movement. This creates a fast, stuttering breath which simulates the fast beating wings of the Hummingbird.

Yawanawa Hummingbird Rapé Snuff Blow

The second method was taught by Kapu Karu of the Yawanawa Tribe.

The breath for this comes from the diagphram and shoulders. You may need to practise this first before blowing. It is a very fast, short breath which creates an abrupt "tthhhhuP" noise achieved by hitting the roof of you mouth with your tongue on the quick exhale. When this breath is blown through a Tepi the "tthhhhuP" noise is amplifed through the tube of the pipe.

With both methods it is important to be inspired by the physical and spiritual aspects of Hummingbird through your intention. Feel the divine meeting of the Hummingbird and flower and the connection and transmission of the energy of the forest honey. This is a symbolism of love and primoridal pollination. Remember too, both the server and receiver of the breath will evoke the spirit of the Hummingbird.

Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Healing and Powers Associated with Rapé Snuff and the Hummingbird Breath

Due to its North position on the Medicine Wheel the Hummingbird is related to Spiritual Healing. A Kuripe or Tepi used with rapé snuff, intention and the Hummingbird Blow can help disolve patterns of anger and resentment, bring love, divine presence, courage, agility, joy, rebirth, beauty and delicacy. This breath is superb for self-meditation, heart-opening work, relationships, twin-flame work, past-life regression, courage before physical or spiritual journeys and is perfect before ceremony.

Medicine Wheel

Types of Rapé Snuff to use with the Hummingbird Blow

My personal preferences for rapé snuff to use with the Hummingbird Breath are high-vibrational, heart opening blends including Yawamawa Tsunu, Colombian "Hug of Light" Bobinsana and Manchineri Tonka.

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